Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Portrait Process

My friend Colin inspired me to start making some woodblock prints a couple of weeks ago. I haven't made any since I was a Tyler. We went to the depot and got some wood and got to work. I did a blind contour self-portrait that day and I have been working on a couple more since then. Here are some pics

Here's me

This is Kim

Here they are, the one in the middle is one I am working on of Whitney, my sister.

I will post some of the final prints soon.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Volley Painting

Greg and I were asked to make a large painting for an interested party. We decided to make a group of small paintings to get some ideas for a larger one. Painting just back round colors at first, we "volleyed" the paintings back and forth; Adding to each others colors, shapes, ideas, we watched them take shape. Destroying each others ideas was also a big part of the process: When we got a painting with a "piece of crap" on it we could kill it by covering it with a magazine clipping or more paint. If something you liked was cut, why you could just kill something the other person liked, real civilized! These are some of the preliminary paintings that we really liked. They are hanging in the "Dream Collective" show now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Art Show Pictures

Thanks to everyone for coming out, the show was a lot of fun. If you couldn't make it, the show will be up until November 30th.

The Prints and Paintings of the Dream Collective

Live Starch Art

I Soar! Mobile and some of my drawings

I Soar! collages

Collaborative Silkscreen by Me and Ory

Volley Paintings by Me and Ory

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dream Collective Art Show

Today I hung an art show that I curated for "the Dream Collective". I have some potato prints, silkscreens and paintings hanging in the show. Some of the other artists in the Dream Collective that are showing their art include; I Soar!, Frank Franklin, and GregOry Labold. The show is at the Rocket Cat Cafe (N.2001 Frankford Ave. Fishtown) and there will be a reception on First Friday, October 5th. Yeah!