Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Leap Year

I originally drew this fish for my sister. Here I have colored it with photoshop in honor of the Leap Year. Don't forget to try a ROY G BIVwich tomorrow.


jjjjjohn said...

whoa, nice.
whats a roy g bivwich?.. i kinda want one

marcm said...

nice, funny and embryonic. i have a wall where all three of them would go, love the style. i also liked jjjjjohn's style of art and told him so. viewing your blog this morning really got my day off to a good start. only bummer was i couldn't view kim's film and put a comment there.

marcm said...

oh yeah, i almost fergot; i entered a leap year contest at the local coffee shoppe, called Leaps, and won!! 2 movie tix and a chocolate cake. the answer to the ? wuz: "leaplings" or what are people born on leap day called. Haven't picked a movie yet, any suggestions? nothing violent plz