Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I made a song and dance

My sister and I visited the Isaah Zagar's Magic Garden on South St. yesterday and I brought my camera. I think I recorded this song 2 days ago, and I finished editing it all together 5 minutes ago, so this is some really fresh stuff here.

I have some more things coming soon


DreTime said...

Sweet video Jeremy! It was lots of fun! Hey, there is a show at the garden on Saturday at 4m! Wanna go?

marcm said...

one minute wasn't long enuf. great!

wag said...

i made up some words...but it doesn't all fit...but kind of

Just today I saw you outside standing the rain
I thought what a shame
And if you could see me,
You'd think, that bitch, why can’t I be there inside

Now it’s time to meet each other
And not think any better
It could not be better

All the pieces of my heart are
Spilling on the ground
Pick it up and glue it all around

This way everybody can see
It grow…